I do not always have the knack for changing or creating a recipe as I cook. I am not good at meal planning. This is not to say I am not a good cook; merely that I am sometimes struggle what to do with the raw chicken or fish I have in front of me.

I have tried many means, usually paper form, to organize my collection of recipes. My handwritten cards have various notes in the margins, using red to capture my attention. This helps me know if I have discovered substitutions or additions to make a recipe shine. Some have become quite cluttered and difficult to read.

I have used word processing programs to type recipes using different fonts and making bold “important to me” notes. Searching that document isn’t intuitive enough for me.

I probably won’t have a load of flashy photos to accompany step by step instructions. I most likely will not be able to offer advice. I’m hoping this will work for me.

This is my way of having my own back.


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